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Local Delights.

Home-grown Favourites
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Wang Yuan Cafe marries the concept of a modernised café ambiance with heart-warming traditional dishes that represent the warmth and familiarity of home, our beloved nation. Your taste buds can look forward to savoury tastes such as our traditional Katong Laksa, fragrant Nasi Lemak Chicken Katsu, and for those who love their fusional food, our Katong Laksa Risotto is guaranteed to hit the OOMPH spot.

Handcrafted Desserts.

Made with love and real ingredients

A meal without desserts is a travesty to the soul (and your desserts-only stomach). Watch out for our Snow Mountains, the main highlights of our dessert menu. Presently, we feature over 15 one-of-a-kind flavours that are handmade in-house with our own recipes. To provide an authentic and wholesome sugary experience, each block of snow ice is hand-made with real ingredients instead of artificial flavourings.


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Speciality & Traditional Coffee

Macro-roasted Coffee.
State of the art FAEMA E71

Events and More!

We know we are loved for our desserts offering and so we decided to bring them closer to you! Wang Yuan is currently the first ever café in Singapore to bring you customisable snow mountain live stations where-ever you need us to, just so long we have 2 powerpoints. From our signature Mango Snow to the well loved Chendol Coconut Snow, we are confident that this would be the highlight of your parties.


But for those in love with our food, fret not cus we have island wide corporate deliveries available too! Please email us to find out more! wangyuancafe@gmail.com


Dessert Live Stations
Corporate Deliveries

SO what makes us different from the others? The fact that we are always trying to elevate the traditions.


We not only have fresh house-blend coffee beans roasted in small batches on demand, we even took to great lengths to bring the first ever 3-group state-of-the-art FAEMA E71 Coffee machine. Trusted by world-class baristas, it would ensure us to be able to brew the best cup of joe for all to enjoy.


But having speciality coffee is not enough, we locals love our traditional Nanyang coffee no matter how and Wang Yuan takes this seriously too. Thus at Wang Yuan, you will find your favourite "Kopis" freshly brewed from our FAEMA E71 with Kopi powders free from margarine!

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